The dynamic buckling of a functionally graded material (FGM) circular plate subjected to thermal shock is studied in the Hamilton system. It is assumed that the lower surface of the circular plate is subjected to uniform thermal shock. Considering the one-dimensional heat conduction problem and basing on theory of Fourier heat conduction, the dynamic temperature fields of the FGM circular plate under thermal shock are obtained. The dynamic buckling problem of the FGM circular plate is finally reduced to zero-eigenvalue problem in the symplectic space. The critical loads and buckling modes of the functionally graded circular plate correspond to generalized eigenvalue and eigen solution, and can be obtained through bifurcation condition. In this study, the buckling characteristics of the FGM plate subjected to thermal shock are solved by symplectic method, and the solution process is given. The effects of the material constitution, structural geometric parameters and thermal shock load on the critical temperature are discussed.

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