This paper presents the static analysis of tapered structures made of composite material using 1D models. These models are based on a one-dimensional formulation derived using the Carrera Unified Formulation (CUF). This formulation allows us to obtain 3D-like results thanks to the use of polynomial expansions to describe the displacement field over the cross-section. According to the types of expansion used, different classes of refined one-dimensional elements are obtained. In this work the Lagrange expansions were used. The use of LE models allows each structural component to bo considered separately; this approach is called component wise (CW). The thin-walled structures are usually made of composite materials, in particular, the aeronautical structures. For this reason, these kinds of structures are taken into account. The stress and displacement fields due to simple load cases have been obtained. The results have been compared with those obtained using commercial tools. The results show the capability of the present refined one-dimensional models to achieve results usually obtained by the use of solid models and therefore, with higher computational cost.

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