One considers a linear elastic composite material (CM, [1]), which consists of a homogeneous matrix containing the random set of heterogeneities. An operator form of the general integral equation (GIE, [2–6]) connecting the stress and strain fields in the point being considered and the surrounding points are obtained for the random fields of inclusions in the infinite media. The new GIE is presented in a general form of perturbations introduced by the heterogeneities and defined at the inclusion interface by the unknown fields of both the displacement and traction. The method of obtaining of the GIE is based on a centering procedure of subtraction from both sides of a new initial integral equation their statistical averages obtained without any auxiliary assumptions such as the effective field hypothesis (EFH), which is implicitly exploited in the known centering methods. One proves the absolute convergence of the proposed GIEs, and some particular cases, asymptotic representations, and simplifications of proposed GIEs are presented for the particular constitutive equations of linear thermoelasticity. In particular, we use a meshfree method [7] based on fundamental solutions basis functions for a transmission problem in linear elasticity. Numerical results were obtained for 2D CMs reinforced by noncanonical inclusions.

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