The present paper describes the analytical approach to find the static and dynamic performance characteristics of a newly configured non-recess hole-entry hybrid conical journal bearing, considering the speed effect of journal compensated with capillary restrictors. Capillary restrictors are placed in the holes which are drilled over the periphery of the conical journal bearing. These holes are placed at an angle of 30 degree in the circumferential direction. The modified Reynolds equation which governs the lubricant flow in the clearance space of journal and bearing is solved by using Finite Element Method (FEM). The performance characteristics for the non-recess hole-entry hybrid conical journal bearing have been shown for wide range of restrictor design parameter (s2 = 0.02–0.1) in terms of bearing flow, direct fluid film stiffness and direct fluid film damping coefficient for different semi cone angles γ = 5deg, 10 deg, 20 deg and 30 deg. The results obtained from the simulation indicates that the non-recess hole-entry hybrid conical journal bearing depicts important performance characteristics for bearing flow (Q) and fluid film stiffness which may be useful for bearing designer. However, the non-recess hole-entry hydrostatic conical journal bearing shows desirable performance for fluid film damping coefficient.

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