Hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) is well known for its unique properties, such as high thermal conductivity, excellent mechanical strength, high electrical insulating, and high chemical stability. This paper studies the effect of h-BN to the mechanical and electrochemical properties of cement concrete. Sodium cholate is used as an ionic surfactant to exfoliate h-BN and subsequently stabilize them in water solution. Different cement concrete samples with different doping levels of h-BN and different sizes of h-BN were prepared for comparisons. Also, steel fiber reinforced h-BN/cement concrete samples were also prepared. The results show that the addition of h-BN can improve the strength of cement composites, and the degree of reinforcement are influenced by the doping levels and feature size of h-BN. The corrosion resistance of h-BN/cement composites were also tested. Experiments results show that h-BN can enhance the corrosion resistance of cement composites.

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