The present study proposes a wideband two-dimensional Luneburg lens using graded phononic crystals (GPCs). We present a method to broaden the range of operation frequency of the Luneburg lens based on GPCs. The GPCs is composed of circular cylindrical rods with triangular lattice air background. In long wavelength limit assumption, periodic structure behaves like a homogeneous medium since dispersion relations is almost linear. The effective refractive index can be tuned by adjusting the filling ratio. The plan wave expansion method is utilized to calculate the band structures of the locally GPCs and the effective refractive index of the locally GPCs with different filling ratio. Finite element simulations was employed to confirm the acoustic properties of designed device. Our numerical simulations demonstrate that the operation frequency range of GPCs of circular cylindrical rods arranged as triangular array is much wider than those of square array. A wideband acoustic Luneburg lens can be achieved by using graded phononic crystals of triangular array.

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