Optimizing the cost and time is a major concern in bioparticle manipulation. Current bioparticle detection are multi-step processes that usually take at least several hours or even days to complete multiple reagents delivery, incubations and several washing processes. This highly labor-intensive work and lack of automation could result in reduced reliability and low efficiency. A pre-concentration or enrichment step will expand the application range to more dilute, practical samples and real-time detection. This paper reports the in-situ particle concentrators using AC electrokinetic techniques. With optimized design of channel geometry, orthogonal electrode patterns, and properly selected operation condition (ac frequency and voltage), the preconcentration system greatly reduced the reaction time to several minutes instead of several hours, and improved sensitivity of the assay. The goal of this research work is to develop an AC electrokinetic (ACEK) flow through preconcentrator for concentration of biomolecules using orthogonal electrode pattern.

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