Exhaust gas temperature of diesel engine is higher compared with a petrol engine and also creates higher pollution in the environment. Exhaust gas recirculation system and many other systems have used for reuse of exhaust gas to improve the performance of diesel engine, but the use of diesel engine for production of potable water production is still unattended by the researchers. The main aim of this research work is to use the waste heat of exhaust gas for potable water production from the low capacity desalination system integrated with evaporator and condenser unit. In this work, single pass evaporator and water cooled condenser used for evaporation and condensation of saline water were designed and fabricated by locally available materials. The experiments were performed on a 10 HP Diesel engine with varying the load to get potable water. It has found that, 4.2 Liter/hr of potable water is obtained from the exhaust gas without varying the performance of the engine. Also, it has found that, temperature of saline water is heated more than 70 degrees Celsius in the condenser unit.

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