Cooling towers are widely used in temperature control in industrial processes and electricity generation processes by conventional and renewable energy methods. In this paper, it is presented an integral design of a counterflow cooling tower with forced draft for geothermal applications. The conceptual design was done in SolidWorks® software and the numerical simulation of the fluid through the tower was performed in Fluent® software. In the conceptual design were made both structural and tower elements design of the counterflow tower with forced draft. Besides, it was designed a self-drive sprinkler which distributes the water flow to be cooled inside the tower. In the mathematical model the velocity and temperature profiles were analyzed under different turbulence models that allow to increase their accuracy, as a result of this, it was able to calculate the heat transfer in the boundary layer between the walls packing and circulating air inside the tower. As a consequence could be estimate the coefficient of convective heat transfer.

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