In this paper a novel method is presented to store energy in order to overcome the intermittent power supply problems caused by the use of conventional wind turbines. This novel method is based on the recognition that the winds over the oceans can be harnessed by means of sailing ships equipped with hydrokinetic turbines whose electric output can be used to charge electric batteries or to convert the seawater into hydrogen. It is shown that small off-grid communities can be supplied with stable year-round power by means of a small fleet of remotely controlled ships which operate in high-wind ocean areas. A prelimina1y cost analysis indicates that this energy ship concept is economically competitive with land-based wind-hydrogen systems. Also, it is shown that the Hawaiian Islands can be provided with stable year-round power by the use of large-scale energy ships operating in high-wind areas to produce hydrogen and by the use of energy ships operating in Hawaiian waters to charge the batteries of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

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