The temperature, the relative humidity (RH) and the light are variables that influence and affect considerably the development of plants and mites. The study of the different stimulus’s effect on plants and animals is possible under controlled conditions when the variables of interest are regulated. With this project we aim to obtain a suitable temperature and RH controller, property of the Grupo de Investigaciones Agroindustriales (GRAIN). Formerly, the chamber belonged to this research group and it was used as meat ripening facility, but it was necessary to ensure the proper environment for plants and mites for further research. In order to fulfill this new objective, a better control must be designed. As a final product we obtained a graphic interface in both the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and the computer. In this way, the user can set certain conditions of temperature and RH inside the chamber, with and without the requirement of a computer to accomplish the control of these variables.

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