In this paper, an adaptive robust control for hydraulic actuators with disturbance estimation is proposed for a hydraulic system with mismatched generalized uncertainties (e.g., parameter derivations, external disturbances, and/or unmodeled dynamics), in which a finite time disturbance observer and an adaptive robust controller are synthesized via backstepping method. The finite time disturbance observer is designed to estimate the mismatched generalized uncertainties. The adaptive robust controller is designed to handle parametric uncertainties and stabilize the closed loop system. The proposed controller accounts for not only the parametric uncertainties, but also the mismatched generalized uncertainties. Furthermore, the controller theoretically guarantees a prescribed tracking transient performance and final tracking accuracy while achieving asymptotic tracking performance after a finite time T0, which is very important for high accuracy tracking control of hydraulic servo systems. Simulation results are obtained to verify the high performance nature of the proposed control strategy.

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