The main purpose of this research is to analyze blood flow in various scenarios such as 20%, 50% and 80% blockage in blood vessel due to aortic atherosclerosis. Valuable Information for clinical diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases can be obtained by analyzing the behavior of blood flow and its variations. An idealized numerical model of the human bifurcated aorta is created then simulations of steady blood flow were performed on this model and various parameters have been considered. The model parameters include the blood flow velocity, pressure, wall shear stress (WSS) of vessels, constant blood density and constant viscosity. The data computed from software indicates behavior of blood flow according to changes in physical properties of blood vessel. These results are mostly similar to physiological and pathological results of vessels observed in clinical practice. This study will eventually help to find the Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) of blood flow and blood vessel which will be bring a favorable change in cardiovascular diseases treatments.

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