This paper conducts an in-depth research on mobile robotic drilling trajectory planning for large-scale components. And it proposes a path planning method of step-close for mobile robotic station. According to the thought of “drilling area-robot station-process step”, the drilling order is defined. By adding conditions and simulation, we also present a simple method of optimizing robot posture in this paper. Using the actual position and the nominal position of two reference holes, a correcting algorithm of three-dimensional transformation is introduced to improve the drilling accuracy. Taking the aircraft wing-box drilling as main study object, this paper develops a trajectory planning and a drilling simulation system on the CATIA and DELMIA platform to validate the effectiveness of the methods introduced. Experiments show that the trajectory planning method and the three-dimensional transformation method for correcting drilling position in this paper not only improves the wing-box drilling efficiency and accuracy, but also reduces the production cost.

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