In practical design for bolted joints, the stress concentration factor (SCF) of the first root in screw threads is important. In the present paper, the SCF in screw threads taking account of spiral in the screw threads is analyzed using three-dimensional Finite Element Method (FEM). In addition, the stress states of screw threads under repeated and static loadings are analyzed in elasto-plastic deformation range. The effect of bolt nominal diameter (M12, M24 and M33) on SCF is also examined. In addition, the experiment to measure the strains at the roots of screw threads was carried out newly. It is found that the FEM result is fairly coincided with the measured results. It is also found that the SCF increases as the bolt nominal diameter increases and the maximum stress is found to occur at the half pith from the engaged screw threads. The value of SCF is smaller in the coarse screw threads of M12 than that in the fine screw threads of M 12. Finally, the bolt ruptures for several nominal diameters are shown to occur from screw threads in the non-engagement in bolted joints under static loadings and under the repeated loadings the bolts are ruptured from the first root of screw threads due to fatigue even if the bolt preload is the higher.

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