European aquaculture companies have business objectives that they cannot achieve due to lack of instruments that would enable them to manage and access such global knowledge and big data, in a multilingual, multi-sector and cross-border setting. A technological approach able to manage data from many companies, which will generate knowledge, will be of maximum usefulness for the aquaculture sector. The companies will be able to transform data into knowledge and use this knowledge to improve efficiency, increase profitability and do business in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. To support this, the solution will use data mining practices and tools as a cloud service that will be specifically designed for the aquaculture sector, which will be accessible by all the fish farming community. In order to allow even small companies to explore their data and improve in terms of use of feed, environmental impact, growth of the fish, cost, etc. The work presented here, is still part of on-going work currently addressed under the EU AquaSmart project. Results achieved so far do not address the final conclusions of the project but form the basis for the formalization of the AquaSmart domain knowledge along with the Aquaculture Open Data Cloud.

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