Tolerance simulation’s reliability depends on the concordance between the input probability distribution and the practical situation. Pre-loading induced changes in the probability distribution should be considered in the structure’s tolerance simulation, especially for composite structures. The paper presents a tolerance simulation method for the thin-walled C-section composite beam (TC2B) assembling under preloading, that is prescribed clamping force. Based on FEA model of TC2B, the preloading-modified probability distribution function of the R angle spring-in deviation is proposed. Thickness variations of the TC2B are obtained from the data of the downscaled composite wingbox. These parts’ variations are input to the tolerance simulation software, and the final assembly variations are obtained. The assembly of the downscaled wingbox illustrates the effect of preloading on the probability distribution of the R angle spring-in deviation. The results have shown that tolerance simulation with the modified probability distribution is more accurate than the initial normal distribution. The tolerance simulation work presented in the paper will enhance the understanding of the composite parts assembling with spring-in deviations, and help systematically improving the precision control efficiency in civil aircraft industry.

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