Currently, there is a major shift in medical device fabrication research towards layer-by-layer additive manufacturing technologies; mainly owing to the relatively quick transition from a solid model (.STL file) to an actual prototype. The current manuscript introduces a Custom Multi-Modality 3D Bioprinter (CMMB) developed in-house, combining the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), Photo Polymerization (PP), Viscous Extrusion (VE), and Inkjet (IJ) printing technologies onto a single additive manufacturing platform. Methodologies to address limitation in the ability to customize construct properties layer-by-layer and to incorporate multiple materials in a single construct have been evaluated using open source 3D printing softwares Slic3r and Repetier-Host. Such customization empowers the user to fabricate constructs with tailorable anisotropic properties by combining different print technologies and materials. To this end, procedures which allow the integration of more than one distinct modality of the CMMB during a single print session were developed and evaluated, and are discussed. The current setup of the CMMB provides the capability to fabricate personalized medical devices using patient data from an MRI or a CT scan. Initial experiments and fabricated constructs demonstrate the potential of the CMMB for research in diverse application areas within biomedical engineering.

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