Unidirectional carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites with interleaved carbon nanotube (CNT) sheets were manufactured using a heated press. The effect of CNT sheets on the interlaminar tensile strength (ILTS) of composite laminates was measured using curved beam bending tests. Two sets of [0]24 T800S/3900-2B specimen were prepared using carbon fiber prepregs and non-woven CNT sheets, with specimen thickness and radial geometries conforming to ASTM D6415. Epoxy resin loaded CNT sheets were inserted in the mid-radius region of curved beam specimens during the lay-up process. The measured interlaminar tensile strengths (ILTS) were compared between the CNT-enhanced and baseline CFRP specimens. Specimen fracture surfaces were examined with optical microscopy to determine the mode of failure and to confirm that fracture occurred at the location with the highest radial stresses. CNT sheet enhancements have shown to improve ILTS by 42%, with all failures initiating at the CNT interlayer and the polymer matrix interface.

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