Generally hybrid composite material is with two or more reinforcements or matrixes. They are referred as hybrid matrix and fiber hybrid. Further it is also included hybrid interface using different materials state of the interface. Therefore high functionality which compensates the disadvantages of each other by a hybrid can be expected. At current study, additionally, various strengthening forms were obtained and spread to textile material with hybrid(s). For example, techniques used in the weft and warp fibers/yarns might be different in making a fabric. It will be referred to as intra-layer hybrid fabric. It means in making fabric. It means that different physical properties due to the loading direction in one layer, the mechanical properties unique variety can be expected.

In this study, carbon/glass intra-hybrid woven fabric was used to fabricate fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composite through hand lay-up method. Then, the investigation on the mechanical property and fracture behaviour was carried out. Tensile test combined with acoustic emission (AE) measurement was conducted in this research. Knee point stress was the main factor of initial damage which discussed with AE characteristics during mechanical test. Due to the difference of energy release from fracture between glass fiber and matrix, the fracture characteristics of composite could be monitored during the test through AE facility. Relation between bundle and cracks inside the materials was examined through optical microscope. Scanning electron microscope observation was also carried out to examine the fracture of materials after testing.

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