Carbon fiber composites are getting more and more widely used in aeronautics and astronautics, vessels, blades of wind turbine generators and so on. In this study, carbon fabric as reinforcement and thermoplastic and thermosetting resin as matrix were used to manufacture carbon fiber prepreg to mold the unidirectional carbon fiber sheet composite (Carbon/PA6 and Carbon/Epoxy). Specially, the multi-tensile tests of 90 degree carbon fiber sheet composite specimens with 150 mm gage length were carried out. After the 1st trial, the longer part of the fracture specimen was chosen as the experimental specimen of 2nd trial tensile test. Similarly, the 3rd trial was investigated. The mechanical properties of 90 specimens including tensile strength, elastic modulus and ultimate stain of polished specimens were investigated in the primary research. Then, the effect of trial on the mechanical properties, the comparison of failure probability distribution of ultimate strain of trials, the relation between gage length and tensile strength, tensile strength and ultimate strain were discussed according to the multi-tensile test result of each specimen. Additionally, the interfacial properties were discussed based on the SEM observation on the fracture surface.

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