The use of carbon fiber reinforced polymeric composites (FRPC) for naval vessels has been increasingly recently, where high impact resistance is a major concern. Recent advancement in the use of nanoparticles has enabled the design of lighter, stronger and more durable FRPC structures compared to the traditional FRPC. In this study, carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites were modified with binary (2 wt.% montmorillonite nanoclay and 0.1 wt. % MWCNT together) nanoparticles and subjected to marine environmental conditioning. Low velocity impact response of the modified samples were tested after 6 months of conditioning and compared with control carbon/epoxy composites. The composite laminates were subjected to impact loading at 30J and 40J energy levels. Load vs displacement characteristics were obtained and analyzed. The damage area for all control and modified samples were observed using thermography imaging technique and quantified. From experimental results, it was evident that durability of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites was significantly improved by modification with montmorillonite nanoclay along with slight amount of MWCNTs.

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