The objective of this project was to develop both engine performance and emission profiles for two test fuels — a 6% water-in-diesel oil emulsion (DOE-6) fuel and a neat diesel (D100) fuel. The testing was performed on a single cylinder, direct-injection, water-cooled diesel engine coupled to an eddy current dynamometer. Output parameters of the engine were used to calculate Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) and Engine Efficiency (η) for each test fuel. DOE-6 fuels generated a 24% reduction in NOX and a 42% reduction in Carbon Monoxide emissions over the tested operating conditions. DOE-6 fuels presented higher ignition delays — between 1°-4°, yielded 1%–12% lower peak cylinder pressures and produced up to 5.5% lower exhaust temperatures. Brake Specific Fuel consumption increased by 6.6% for the DOE-6 fuels as compared to the D100 fuels. This project is the first research done by a New Zealand academic institution on water-in-diesel emulsion fuels.

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