The article deals with the use of a small aviation turboshaft engine for laboratory purposes. This study describes its transformation into an experimental device for research and education. Various constructional, technological and controlling modifications and settings of the gas turbine test stand were carried out and tested on a stationary configuration. The stationary system can be used as a small backup power generator or as a drive unit for a compressor, pump, etc. New control systems, electronic elements and methods of measuring rotations, pressure and temperature are tested for educational and research purposes. The study includes a schematic description of modelling measurements and subsequent numerical evaluation of the thermodynamic characteristics of the cycle in an experimental gas turbine. The laboratory device presented here is, thanks to technological, material and thermodynamic research, suitable for educating and testing the knowledge of future aviation and mechanical engineers.

The content of the article is a description of the use of transformed small turboshaft engine into small jet engine by means of experimental testing of unstable work of the radial compressor under laboratory conditions.

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