In paper, we build up a simulation program using the nodal position finite element method for the dynamic analysis of the electrodynamic tether system; the model equation is derived from the principle of virtual work. The aerodynamic drag force, gravity force and electrodynamic force are considered. The following models are used, respectively. The NRLMSISE-00 (NRL mass spectrometer, incoherent scatter radar extended model) for the atmosphere density, EGM-2008 (Earth Gravity Model) for the earth gravity field, IGRF-2010 (International Geomagnetic Reference Field) for the earth geomagnetic field, and the IRI-2011 (International Reference Ionosphere model) for the plasma electron density. Two simplified cases of boundary condition are assumed to the governing equation of induced current and voltage, one is for giving the current of anode point just as an input parameter, and the voltage drop in the negative segment is out of consideration; the other one is called full power condition. The program is verified by considering conservative force in the circular orbit, its result shows that the nodal position finite element method is suitable for the long term simulation.

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