Industrial robotic arms are widely used nowadays. Accuracy and efficiency that fulfill user’s requirements are achieved through robust controller. This paper investigates dynamics modeling and control of a four DOF (PRRR) robot that is dedicated to perform a Pick-and-Place move of a certain product. The arm is undergoing manufacturing process. Forward and inverse kinematics solutions are introduced to solve the joint space trajectories associated with the desired End Effector (EE) Cartesian space path. The performance of two controllers under the presence of model uncertainties is inspected through a simulation study; Non-Linear Feedback Control (NLFC) and Sliding Mode Control (SMC) are designed and tested over the required joint space trajectories and Cartesian space path. Results showed that NLFC achieved better results than SMC in terms of RMSE when model uncertainties were absent. However, when model uncertainties were introduced, SMC performance was more robust than NLFC. Simulation results are very encouraging towards using the SMC over the actual robotic arm.

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