In this paper, kinematic and dynamic models are derived for a forklift-like four-wheeled mobile robot, and then, based on the models, a new trajectory control scheme is designed and evaluated for the robot. The dynamic model, exhibiting non-minimum-phase characteristics, is derived by applying Lagrange’s equations and then the control law is design by using Lyapunov stability theorem and the loop shaping method. The proposed control scheme consists of a trajectory generator, a motion control law, and a steering control law. First, a real-time trajectory generator is designed based on the nonholonomic kinematic constraints of the robot, in which the reference driving speed and time rate of heading angle are computed in real time for a given desired trajectory of the robot. The proposed trajectory generator guarantees a local asymptotic stability. Next, motion and steering control laws are designed based on the dynamic model of the robot. The motion and steering control laws are used to control the robot speed and steering angle. The proposed control guarantees asymptotic stability of the trajectory control while keeping all internal signals bounded. Finally, the validity of the proposed control scheme is shown by realistic computer simulations with one sampling-time delay in the control loop.

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