The present study aims to predict the mechanical properties of similar and dissimilar aluminium alloy friction stir Welded joints. The present research also addresses the challenges in joining aluminium alloys Al5083 and Al6061 of 5mm thickness at varying process parameters. A total number of 24 joints have been fabricated with a set of eight joints each for Al6061 (similar), Al5083 (similar) and a combination of Al5083 × Al6061 (dissimilar alloy) as per the experimental plan by Taguchi technique using L8 orthogonal array. The dimensions of the plates are chosen in such a way that the weld length is fixed to 150 mm. The tensile strength and the micro hardness of the welded joints as well as micro structures have been examined. Taguchi technique has been utilized to study the optimized value of the process parameters. The process parameters for joining these have been identified as rotational speeds at 1000 and 1600 rpm, traverse speed 40 and 160mm/min and axial force of 2.5 and 3.5kn.

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