This work is focused on investigation of thermal efficiency of a Hypersonic scramjet engine and propose some improvement of thermal efficiency based on thermodynamic and fluid flow analysis. Thermal management system is one of the main research fields in scramjet design. As it has no moving parts, the total thermal efficiency depends on inlet conditions, conditions of combustor exit and conditions of the engine exit. A combustor exit condition dictates the velocity and temperature after combustion. we concentrate our focus on this section. The first part of the paper, we tried to describe the fundamental exergy relationship for scramjet and we developed the relation of exergy distribution and exergy delivery rate. From an extensive literature review, we have found the relations between fluid velocity, pressure and temperature, which is described in the later part of the paper. Our main focus is to develop a combined relation of thermal efficiency in terms of engine exit velocity, temperature and air-fuel ratio. Different characteristic parameters such as overall efficiency, thermal efficiency, specific impulse have been determined at different inlet temperature ratio or the cycle static temperature ratio (T3/T0) and an optimum inlet temperature ratio is proposed for maximum overall efficiency.

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