As part of an ongoing research development at Carleton University in ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) for high-temperature gas turbine applications, it was recognized that the performance of an oxide matrix could be improved by incorporating a metal reinforcement material. For this reason, a low cost CMC was created by reinforcing a yttria-stabilized zirconia (7YSZ) ceramic matrix with a Hastelloy X (HX) wire mesh. The CMC was manufactured by coating the HX mesh with a NiCrAlY bond coat, and then 7YSZ ceramic matrix, both using plasma spraying. The bond coat was employed to improve bonding and also to act as an oxygen diffusion barrier. In order to evaluate the performance of the HX/7YSZ composite at high temperatures, isothermal and cyclic oxidation tests were carried out for 1000 hours at 1050°C. The results showed that oxidation resistance was improved by vacuum heat treatment prior to testing due to the formation of stable thermally grown oxides (TGO) on the NiCrAlY bond coat. In the cyclic oxidation test, differences in thermal expansion coefficients caused cracking at interfaces between mesh/bond coat and bond coat/7YSZ. Minimizing the effect of thermal expansion by better material combination, as well as modifying manufacturing methods will allow for improved performance of metal mesh reinforced CMCs.

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