A series of tip-over and off-the-dock impact tests were performed with stand-up forklifts in order to investigate the potential for injury to the operator of a forklift in these types of accidents when the forklift is equipped with an operator’s compartment door. One Crown Equipment Company RR Model and one RC Model stand-up forklift were used in the impact tests. The only modification to the forklifts for the tests was the placement of a door on the entrance to the operator’s compartment. A Hybrid III anthropomorphic test device (ATD) was placed in the operator’s compartment as a human surrogate. During each test, head accelerations, chest accelerations, neck loads and lumbar loads were measured on the ATD. The motion of the forklift and the ATD were filmed with video and high-speed cameras. Results from the impact tests indicate that there is a high risk of head injury in a right side tip-over accident and a high risk of head injury and neck injury in a left side tip-over accident. There is a high risk of a head injury, neck injury and thoracic injury in off-the-dock forks-trailing accidents. In an off-the-dock forks-leading accident there is a high risk of arm/shoulder injury, head injury, and neck injury. In both tip-over and off-the-dock forks-trailing accidents there is a high probability of an entrapment injury under the overhead guard on the forklift.

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