Surface mining equipment play an important role in capital investments and operating costs of mining industry. Improvement of the equipment performance leads to improvement of operation cost. Efficient operation and maintenance techniques centered on reliability are the methods of choice. Recent researches promote the necessity of utilization of optimal maintenance methods instead of traditional methods. This study aims in application of optimal maintenance methods for reduction of occurrence of sudden failures and equipment break down. Evaluation of reliability-centered maintenance is demonstrated on mining dump trucks operation and maintenance are utilized for Sungun copper mine. The operation data is used to quantify the failure and maintenance profile for each component required for reliability analysis. The modeling is done by using reliability block diagram and solved by Monte Carlo simulation for assessment of the dynamic behavior of the equipment. The reliability of the system is evaluated and importance of each component is estimated. The importance analysis is used to identify the items which have critical impact on reliability and availability of overall equipment for prioritizing the decision for improvements. The reliability importance measure is computed for the components by weighted importance method. Trend analysis is conducted to select proper model for the maintenance profile. Availability estimations demonstrate overall performance of the equipment on its life span.

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