In modern weapons systems, fuze is known as the “brain” of the ammunition, whose performance will directly affect the combat effectiveness. It guarantees the safety of ammunition during the logistical processing and makes the ammunition reliably function after launch. In the fuze system, the delay arming device is closely related to the fuze performance and safety reliability, which affects the muzzle safety distance. After years of development, the performance of delay arming device has been developed and improved, but malignant accidents such as explode in the chamber, early burst and dud have occurred from time to time.

This paper investigated a standing wave linear ultrasonic motor applied to the fuze delay arming device as the arming actuator. The motor is made up of a cuboid with two drive feet and a slider with a convex part, both having a through hole. The first order longitudinal vibration and second order bending vibration of the stator were selected as working modes. The prototype was fabricated and the vibration mode test was carried out, indicating the motor can generate two-phase required oscillation modes. The frequency sweep test was also performed and two-phase frequency is proved quite close. The experiments on the motor mechanical performance were done, and the speed of the motor is 88.2 mm/s, furthermore the reciprocating motion of the slider is flexible.

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