Piping Engineering Design Management consists of two sides — the Design Product Engineering Side & the Design Process Side. Previous researches in this field have found out many issues or aspects on the Product Side that need to be taken care of in order to build an effective piping engineering design management model. Now although there have been some researches on the Product Side, however, no evidence of research on the Process Side of Piping Engineering Design Management has been found. But since effective management of engineering design is critical to the competitive advantage of any engineering company, I am researching in this arena. During the course of my research, I have carried out a qualitative descriptive case study in a very large oil & gas company’s piping engineering design department. The collected data reveals the existing piping engineering design management approaches & practices that are being used in that company. This paper directly showcases this in-vogue piping engineering design management scenario in a raw form for present &/or future researchers of this field.

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