This work describes the design, construction and test of a data acquisition system which performs the real-time monitoring and recording of temperatures in thermal envelope and water consumption in households. This system allows diagnosis and assessment of efficient use of water and a thermal report for electric efficiency purposes. The prototype was subjected to comparative tests with commercial instruments that were used during the project of collaboration with Universidad Autonoma of Baja California and Dennis engineering. The project was developed for energy-efficient housing prototypes for the middle market residential of Mexicali, localized at the state of Baja California in Mexico. At first case, a high gain or loss of heat causes significant increases of important loads as the refrigerator and air conditioning owing to their increment in operation times. Many efficiency energy projects make use of traditional systems for temperature monitoring, whose characteristics exceed the requirements for this type of application and they present economic disadvantages, which can be solved with virtual acquisition systems. Two virtual instruments in LabVIEW were developed which allow real-time acquisition, analysis and recording, with flexible viewing by the user of temperatures and volume of water consumed. Also automatically save data in excel files by specific times. This system can diminish the cost of a conventional temperature monitoring system with 8 acquisition channels approximately in a 50%, keeping precision and accuracy required for this type of applications. The dispositive has the flexibility for monitoring other variables for energy audit, and currently is being tested for climate and electric power parameters.

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