In the context of Smart Factories chances and challenges for the use of Federative Factory Data Management (FFDM) arise. Within Smart Factories involved systems, products and resources are equipped with Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). The seamless integration of these CPS devices into networks provides the possibility for FFDM on world wide access to factory data. The actuality, but also the amount of data on all levels of the Smart Factory is continuously increasing. The need for new methods and tools for the representation and the presentation of this factory data is required. Combining the web technologies in the FFDM-approach on the one hand and the integration of CPS of Smart Factories into FFDM on the other hand allow new possibilities for the usage of mobile internet devices in FFDM. In this paper the concept for the employment of a mobile internet device as instrument for the presentation of FFDM-data is described. Parallel an approach for the integration of CPS based devices into the FFDM is described. As a representative scenario the monitoring of linked product data and process data in route sheets visualized within a mobile internet devices is described afterwards. The presented concept is transferred to a first prototypical implementation.

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