This paper describes a new catheter based on double pressure sensor for measuring reaction forces of cardiovascular vessel walls in balloon angioplasty. This medical device is based on Wheatstone bridge and a passive transformer module. It assists cardiologists to measure reaction forces exiting between the catheter and the vascular wall. Reaction forces on the catheter can be grouped into two types: 1) reaction forces on the catheter head and 2) reaction forces between the balloon and the vascular wall. Its new proposed transducer module aids doctors decrease cardiology steps leading to the reduction of patients’ pains from inputting consecutive catheters into their bodies. Moreover, its special circuit design reduces needing wires for power supplying of the sensors, and simplifies the fabrication processes. Finally, mechanical behaviors of the sensor have been simulated in SolidWorks and its electrical circuit is modeled in Simulink\electrical. Also, Fabrication processes are projected in the final step of designing.

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