The use of zinc oxide (ZnO) nanostructures with fiber reinforced polymer composites has gained more applications recently due to the additive benefits of the semi-conductivity and piezoelectricity of ZnO. In this study, we suggest growing ZnO nanowires (NWs) on the surface of woven carbon fibers using low temperature (c.a. 80°C) hydrothermal technique and integrating the modified fibers in composite structures based on epoxy matrix. Mechanical vibrations tests based on samples with and without surface-grown ZnO established the enhanced damping of the hybrid composite structures through measuring the damping ratio and the vibration amplitude. We hypothesize that, besides the piezoelectric induced damping, the large aspect ratio of ZnO nanowires could provide higher interfacial friction with the epoxy matrix and in between the neighboring nanowires which in return could provide more energy dissipation.

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