Flow boiling with microchannel can dissipate high heat fluxes at low surface temperature difference. A number of issues, such as instabilities, low critical heat flux (CHF) and low heat transfer coefficients, have prevented it from reaching its full potential. A new design incorporating open microchannels with uniform and tapered manifold (OMM) was shown to mitigate these issues successfully. Distilled, degassed water at 80 mL/min is used as the working fluid. Plain and open microchannel surfaces are used as the test sections. Heat transfer and pressure drop performance for uniform and tapered manifold with both the surfaces are discussed. A low pressure drop of 7.5 kPa is obtained with tapered manifold and microchannel chip at a heat flux of 263 W/cm2 without reaching CHF. The pressure drop data is further compared with the homogenous model and the initial results are presented.

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