This study presents the main results of the analysis of the previously developed generalized hierarchical closed system of analytical closure relations for the distribution parameters (DPs) Cks (k = f - fluid or g - vapor; s = 0,1,2,3 - mass, energy, momentum) that are used in quasi-one-dimensional form of the conservation laws for mass, momentum and energy in non-equilibrium two-phase flows. The current method has been expanded to account for non-uniform in cross-section profile of void fraction. The main assumptions of the received quadrature relationships for DP are: (a) the use of the drift flux model, (b) the quasi-steady-state approximation, and (c) the power-mode approximations of the local distribution profiles of the variables. These DPs Cks quadrature are expressed in terms of elementary functions, they directly reflect the principle of superposition, generalize and unify not only the Zuber-Findlay method, but also Hancox-Nicoll and Hibiki-Ishii methods. The revealed complementarity properties are particularly useful for the purposes of testing, validating and verifying DPs.

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