In this experimental study, flow boiling in mini/microtubes was investigated with surface enhancements provided by crosslinked polyhydroxyethylmethacrylate (pHEMA coatings), which is used as a crosslinker coating with different thicknesses (50 nm, 100 nm and 150 nm) on inner microtube walls. Flow boiling heat transfer experiments were conducted on microtubes (with inner diameters of 249 μm and 507 μm) with enhanced inner surfaces with crosslinked pHEMA coatings. pHEMA nanofilms were coated with initiated chemical vapor deposition (iCVD) technique. De-ionized water was utilized as the working fluid in this study. Experimental results obtained from coated microtubes were compared to their plain surface counterparts at two different mass fluxes, (5,000 kg/m2s and 30,000 kg/m2s) and significant enhancements in Critical Heat Flux and boiling heat transfer were attained. These promising results support the use of crosslinked pHEMA coated microtubes/channels as a surface enhancement technique for micro scale cooling applications.

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