The conventional heat exchangers cannot satisfy the high efficiency and power requirements due to the low heat transfer performance and large volume. With the development of micro-scale manufacture technology, the ceramic micro-channel heat exchangers are recommended to be used to the highly-efficiency power and propulsion systems, especially the very high temperature conditions. The present paper analyzes the thermal hydraulic performance of the alumina-based ceramic microchannel heat exchangers with four different fins (straight, Z-shaped, airfoil and S-shaped). The numerical results show that the maximal heat transfer rate and heat transfer effectiveness of the heat exchanger with Z-shaped fins reach 90.7 W and 61%, respectively. The temperature distribution of both fluid sides and solid body is predicted. Moreover, the pressure drop and the ratio of E/k are used to evaluate the general heat exchanger performance. The ratio of E/k is smaller than unit of ten at the low Reynolds number and increases greatly at high Reynolds number.

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