In the paper, three dimensional unsteady CFD numerical method is established to simulate load rejection transient of Francis pump-turbine in pump mode. First, pumped storage power station’s whole flow system geometric model including diversion tunnel, surge tank, penstock, pump turbine unit and tailrace tunnel has been built and subdivided with prism and tetrahedral mesh. Then, three dimensional unsteady CFD simulation begins from the original steady pump condition, with the Realizable k–ε turbulent model. Through numerical calculation, the variation regularity of unit rotate speed, flow rate, torque, axial thrust and static pressure of measuring points with time are revealed during the load rejection transient. By comparison with experimental data, the changing regularity of transient dynamic parameters can be verified and their differences in the detail also can be reflected. Simultaneously, the phenomenon of water hammer has been captured by recording time-varying static pressure of measuring points. Furthermore, flow configuration in the passage undergoes very complex and unsteady change during load rejection transient.

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