Technological advancements are essential for all fields of life particularly in health discipline to test and analyze the biological and biomedical samples. Biological micro electromechanical system (Bio-MEMS) based healthcare technologies are handy to make human life comfortable and snug by ease of use, eradicating pain, reducing risk of diseases, improving diagnosis process and treatments techniques. In this study the design, simulation and development of piezoelectricaly actuated microfluidic device (gold needle patch) has been presented. The simulation of skin insertion using gold needle into skin to study the effects of skin piercing and optimize the design of needle has been conducted in ansys autodyne by making 3D model with applied force 0.4 to 0.9 N at the tip area of needle. The microfluidic analysis of 3×3 microneedle patch has been carry out in ansys workbench using computational fluid dynamic (CFX) environment. The maximum velocity 2.015 e4 m/Sec has been achieved. After the successful development of gold needles patch, the fluid transport and insertion test of piezoelectricaly actuated patch also has been conducted using chicken skin.

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