In order to operate with reformed gas and oil, one gas turbine combustor which burned oil was modified and a dual fuel nozzle was developed. The CFD software FLUENT was applied to study the combustion flow field of the dual fuel combustor. The PDF (Probability Density Function) model, realizable k-ε turbulence model, DPM (Discrete Phase Model), NOX model and SIMPLE (Semi Implicit Method for Pressure Linked Equations) algorithm were adopted. In this study, the enthalpy of the two fuels which entered the combustor kept constant. The parameters of combustor temperature filed, gas temperature near wall and pollutant emissions with the two fuels were obtained and analyzed. Comparing to the oil combustor, the simulation of reformed gas combustor shows that the back flow velocity in main back flow region is higher, the high temperature zone in the combustor is closer to the combustor nozzle, the OTDF (Outlet Temperature Distribution Factor) is smaller, the average gas temperature near wall is about 60K lower, and the NOX emission at combustor outlet is lowered to 12.8ppm.

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