This paper is devoted to the application and evaluation of the software supporting the problem solving in engineering conceptual design. This is a companion paper with IMECE 2012 [1]. Though the situation is slightly better now than in previous years, there is still no software suitable for a completely satisfactory automation of the engineering conceptual design process. However there are some program packages that could be the most helpful and would greatly influence the quality of the designed product, especially in cases of contradicting constraints. In this paper some results of research on the use and effectiveness of Invention Machine (IM™) software products are presented. As reported before such packages as Invention Machine V.2 for Windows, TechOptimizer V. 3.5, and TechOptimizer V.4 were used extensively giving excellent results in teaching, research and practical applications. In this paper some experience in use of Goldfire V. 6.5, Goldfire V.7 and Goldfire V.7.5, that was recently introduced is reported and evaluated. The content and effectiveness of the programs in teaching are discussed. Examples of applications are given, conclusions are derived, and the recommendations for the future use of the software are offered.

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