The aerodynamic loadings that act on the blade of a horizontal axis wind turbine change as a function of time due to the instantaneous change of the wind speed, the wind direction and the blade position. The new contribution in this study is the introduction of a simplified non CFD based procedure for the calculation of all the aerodynamic loadings acting on a wind turbine blade. The premise of the current simplified model is that (a) the forces can be modeled by a set of point loads rather than distributed pressures, and (b) the magnitudes of these point loads can be estimated using the below load formulas, (c) an interpolation scheme needed to have all computed forces and moments as a function of the blade lengthwise x. Considering a 14m blade length and utilizing a time dependent set of parameters such as angle of attack, material and air density, wind and blade speed, flow angle, yaw, pitch angles, the centrifugal forces (along x-direction of the blade length), the cross-sectional forces (Fy and Fz) and the twisting moment of the blade (about the x-direction) were calculated for each of all the given time steps. After that the authors explain how to interpolate the calculated loadings (forces and twisting moment) and the right formulas to compute the aerodynamic load vector (the right side of the dynamic equations of motion).

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