Osteoporosis is a systemic skeleton disease, characterized by a low bone mass and micro-architectural deterioration of bone tissue with consecutive increasing of fragile bones and susceptibility of fractures. Risk facture, advanced ages, family history, rheumatoid arthritis, low calcium intake, physical inactivity, and low body weight can lead to this condition. The aim of treatment in osteoporosis is to grow-up the bone mineral density of the skeleton and to increase resorption of formed bone, used diverse methods as medications, conservative measures, weight reduction, physical and occupational therapy, mechanical support devices and surgery. This paper presents a balneal-conservative treatment applied to 82 patients diagnosed with osteoporosis from Rehabilitation Clinical Hospital of Felix Spa in 2011–2012, which has combined with a kinetotherapy and medication treatment. The complex rehabilitation treatment involves balneal-physical-kinetic recovery treatment that must be periodical repeated every six months, while the subjects themselves at home followed the kinetotherapy with drugs between balneal-treatments at hospital. The significance of rehabilitation treatment for the osteoporosis patients is to rise both functional and independence level, and improving their quality life. DEXA, Qualeffo-41 Test, fragility fractures, difference of height patients, using the statistical analysis have performed the evaluation of trial. These results emphasized the efficiency of balneal-rehabilitation treatment with main accent on respect the kinetotherapy applied the osteoporosis patients. The future research will be focused upon the implementation of vibration therapy with balneal-conservative treatment on patients with osteoporosis to reduce the therapy time and improving the quality patients life.

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