Standard medical practice is known to have a history of varying definition of “standard”. As with any industry with multiple entities, each entity defines their standards and expectations according to what they believe is their customers’ (i.e. patients) needs and preferences. Recently, our research on developing a predictive wound care assessment methodology and system has extended our study into analyzing evidence-based best practices in wound care clinics. Our research on wound healing predictive model systems, revealed key differences in operational practice between the clinics that were visited in different institutional settings. The scope of this study evaluates our observed wound care practice and wound care treatment to determine if there is a common set of effective practice that can be developed to better standardize care. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the operational practice and procedures at various community and teaching hospitals to determine if there is an ideal combination of tools and standard techniques that would be most beneficial to patient wound care. This paper will focus on methods of patient wound care. We will then present a model of “Evidence-Based Best Practices of Wound Care Assessment” that is based on the observation and interactions with various hospitals.

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