Over the last few years, a number of researchers have been involved in investigating the exploitation of natural fibers as load bearing and wear resistance constituents in composite materials. The use of such materials in composites has increased due to their relative cheapness, ability to recycle and for the fact that they can compete well in terms of strength per weight of material. However still those materials not meeting the standards to replace the existing traditional filler composites. Nano composites are materials that are created by introducing nanoparticles into a microscopic sample material. This is part of the growing field of nanotechnology. The nano material tends to drastically add to the electrical and thermal conductivity as well as to the mechanical strength properties of the original material. A nano composite is the hybrid material consisting of a polymer matrix reinforced with a fiber, platelet, or particle having one dimension on the nanometer (nm) scale (10−9 m). So an attempt has been made in the present investigation to fabricate a new alumina nano jute-glass reinforced epoxy hybrid nano composite and studied the mechanical and tribological behaviour.

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